Lectures Topics in 2012

Paradigm-shifting Islamic solutions to the global financial crisis - A view from legal and Shari’ah scholars

Sheikh Bilal Khan & Sheikh Badrul Hasan- Shari'ah Scholars and Co-Chairmen at Dome Advisory

Dec 2012

Sukuk: Potentials for Partnership Financing and Genuine Islamic Risk-Sharing

Dr Volker Nienhaus- Visiting Professor at Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK)

Nov 2012

Enhancing Shari'ah assurance and compliance in Islamic Finance

Omar Shaikh - Executive Board Member of the Islamic Finance Council UK (IFC)

Oct 2012

Integrating Waqf for Realising the Social Goals of Islamic Finance

Professor Habib Ahmed - Sharjah Chair in Islamic Law & Finance, School of Government & International Affairs, Durham University

Sep 2012

A tale of two banks – a comparison of the published accounts of the Islamic Bank of Britain and the Bank of London and the Middle East.

Mohammed Amin - MA FCA AMCT CTA(Fellow)

Jul 2012

Conventional Financial Institutions In Islamic Finance – Boon or Bane?

Asim Khan - Managing Director, Dar Al Istithmar Limited

Jun 2012

Modern Day Takaful - an Overview

Dawood Taylor - Senior Regional Executive -Takaful, Middle East for Prudential Corporation Asia

May 2012

Recent Initiatives in Standardisation of Islamic Hedging Documentation

Habib Motani - Partner - Clifford Chance, UK

Apr 2012

Adapting Islamic capital markets to meet needs of conventional borrowers

Massoud Janekeh - Director of Islamic Capital Markets, Bank of London and Middle East, UK

Feb 2012

Islamic Finance in Africa - Challenges and Prospects

Iqbal Asaria - Associate, Afkar Consulting Limited, UK

Jan 2012