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Students Comments
" In this course, I have gain a lot .when I was studying economics in my degree programme some of my lecturers criticise Islamic economy and I do not always have point to prove them wrong but now that I have acquired more knowledge on Islamic finance I stand to enlightens them . This course had exposed me to Islamic economy value .It has also increase my faith. I was able to see differences between western theory on welfare economy and Islamic economic welfare. This course helps me to inculcate to others to feel for the less privilege people in the society. It has also increased my knowledge spiritually, financially and religiously." 
Adegbola Muhammed Kaseem, Nigeria

" The course provided me an insight into a topic that is most relevant for me as a Finance Professional, specially being a Muslim. We (not only Muslims) need to know how the world can be benefited by adopting to Islamic Finance and how it can be saviour at times of distress, and we have live global examples to substantiate this fact. Islamic Insurance, I believe, was an eye-opener for me. I never knew it works that ways. It has strengthened the feeling of mutual help and cooperation; and re-stressed time and again on keeping a social cause higher than our own selfish motives.
Ahmer Ammar Usmani, Saudi Arabia

" Many thanks for your encouraging feedback over the past year and for the wealth of information you have shared with me as well.  I also thank you for your dedication to the IIBI post-graduate program.  This has been an exceptional educational opportunity for me, and I’m sure it will be invaluable in my current and future responsibilities as an attorney with the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
John S. Stevens, Chicago, USA

" I had really enjoyed every moment that I had spent in pursuing this course and interacting with all the people associated with IIBI. It is a really a valuable learning for me and it will be a pleasure to continue my association with IIBI in some way or the other. "
Tushar Garg, Banglaore, India 
"I have enjoyed studying the course. It has successfully instilled and infused in me the fundamental concept of Islamic banking. On the whole, the course is complete, precise and clean."
M H Kathrada, Manger, Habib Bank, Mauritius
"The course is very comprehensive and gives you a complete insight about Islamic banking and Insurance. The contents of the study matter are very Detailed and updated. Its arms the student with completed knowledge about the concepts of Islamic banking, the product that can be offered, detail about the products, Risk Management in Islamic Banking right to the balance sheet of the Islamic Bank. Overall its a great course and I will highly recommend it to anyone who intends pursuing a career in banking."
Darryl D'Souza, Senior Manager - Credit MIS, Analytics and Policy, First Gulf Bank

"I thought you might be interested to know that I have been offered, and I have accepted, a job at the Islamic Development bank (IDB) in Jeddah as part of the Young Professionals Program."
Randolph Skomer Quinault

Diploma in Islamic Banking Course

"It is an excellent way of distance learning and I am one of the lucky students who has fully utilised this course to equip myself with the knowledge of fastest emerging Islamic Banking Industry. This course has opened the doors for my higher studies in the religion Islam and the Islamic finance and I am confident that this course will be the foundation base on which I can build and spread the Islamic religious and financial know how. This course has already changed my attitude in financial dealings and showed me the life roadmap on which one can lead his life according to the will of ALLAH.This course has also brought in me the sense of responsibility that I can convince others to opt for Islamic Banking for their financial dealings and get rid with the curse of interest for bringing social justice in our society.
Abdul Latif Parkar, Qatar

"To pursue Islamic banking studies its like my dream come true, perhaps I did not score well, coz was busy with my little son.
Mashallah I liked everything about the course, very professional, highly organised, I appreciated the prompt response by brother naqvi may Allah swt reward you with the best in this life and the best in the hereafter.
Syeda Siddica Banu Syed, India

"It offered an opportunity to go through a process of studies especially how to deal with brother Muslims in terms of transactions related commercial dealings which is very significant to the spirit of Islam particularly at a time Muslims at large are only concerned in complying with obligations of fulfilling the commands only on rituals aspects eg: prayers, fasting etc in Islam but not obliging to the mandatory obligations towards their Muslim fraternity as mentioned herein."
M. N. Mohamed Fawaz, Sri Lanka
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