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Course Syllabus
IIBI's history and legacy is long and rich, having served the
Islamic financial services industry with unwavering commitment.
IIBI education provides necessary knowledge to attain proficiency
at work. In addition, IIBI courses also offer learning opportunities to
those wishing to simply understand the moral and ethical principles
of economics and finance that are emphasised in Islamic teachings
and to those wishing to pursue higher studies. All courses lead to
Islamic Finance Qualifications issued by the Institute.

Certificate in Islamic Banking
Course Syllabus:

Module I:

Concepts, History and Evolution of Islamic Banking
Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Islamic Economics and Shari'ah
Lesson 2: Nature and Conditions of a Valid Islamic Contract
Lesson 3: Contracts in Islamic Banking
Lesson 4: Theoretical Foundations of Islamic Banking
Lesson 5: History and Evolution of Islamic Banking
Lesson 6: The Conventional Banking System
New Cell
Module II: Islamic Banking Operations and Capital Market investment
Lesson 1: Deposit Mobilisation by Islamic banks
Lesson 2: Loans and Financing by Islamic Banks
Lesson 3: Fee-based Services of Islamic Banks
Lesson 4: Islamic Capital Market and Investment
Lesson 5: Marketing Islamic Banking Products and Services
New Cell
Module III: Regulation, Corporate Governance and Shari'ah Supervision
Lesson 1: Regulation of Islamic Banks
Lesson 2: Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Islamic Banking
Lesson 3: Shari’ah Supervisory Board of Islamic Banks

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