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Membership of the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI) can bring together individuals with a view to share ideas and promote understanding of the values concerned with just and fair dealings. These are vital to secure the well-being of society and future generations, as well as the sustainability of the environment.  The Shari'ah rules provide a framework that can be reduced to a Moral Code of Conduct requiring all those working in the Islamic financial services industry to commit to minimum standards of righteous behaviour and moral conduct in their personal and profession dealings.  Members will in particular be expected to uphold such a moral code to  provide assurance that they accept they a moral obligation to deal with others justly in their personal and professional life.   

Recommendation for a 'Moral Code of Conduct in Islamic Finance', click here

Membership year runs from January to December. Membership fees support IIBI programmes of learning, lectures, seminars, workshops, research and publications.


Membership Types

IIBI offers two types of membership; individual membership and corporate membership




* Membership renewal is yearly and the membership year runs from January to December.
* To continue to benefit from membership, payment of fee must be up-to-date.
* Please note that IIBI is under no obligation to refund membership.

























































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