ITS 2019

13th International Takaful Summit - London - United Kingdom

You are invited to register for the the 13th International Takaful Summit which takes place in London on Thursday, 9th and Friday, 10th July 2019. 

This Summit will cover the full range of possibilities from tapping global re-insurance capacity to creating financial inclusion through effective use of micro-takaful and will bring key participants together to discuss how this can be done in an effective way. In the technology space, this Summit will explore the challenges posed by cybercrime and the Takaful/insurance solutions that may be required to be offered by providers to enable clients of the industry to effectively mitigate these risks. It will also bring together presentations from a variety of asset managers who are able to provide a platform which is compatible with the requirements of the Shariah and Responsible Finance parameters. This is a vital need for managers of Takaful pools which now amount to over US$50 billion. This Summit will also explore the challenges in the way of realising the potential of the Takaful market and for the provision of Re-Takaful for large risks by using the capacity of the global reinsurance industry. 

Every International Takaful Summit strives to offer robust thought leadership and the most informed platforms and opportunities for participants to get maximum benefit from interaction.



M Iqbal Asaria, CBE
International Takaful Summit 2019


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