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Course Syllabus
Diploma in Islamic Banking
Module I : Islamic  Economic System
Lesson 1. Introduction to Economic Theories and Islamic Economic System
Lesson 2. The Historical Development of Islamic Banking
Lesson 3. Islamic Commercial law
Lesson 4. The Basic Prohibitions
Lesson 5. Qard and Dayn in Islamic banking
Lesson 6. Principles of Islamic Commercial Contracts
Lesson 7. Islamic law of Sale and Purchase
Module II : Modes of Shari'ah-Compliant Transactions
Lesson 1.  Introduction to Islamic Modes of finance
Lesson 2.  Non-participatory Modes of finance
Lesson 3.  Participatory Modes of finance
Lesson 4.  Accessory Modes
Module III: Islamic Banking Operations
Lesson 1. Key Characteristics of Islamic Banking Operations
Lesson 2. Islamic Retail Banking Services
Lesson 3. Islamic Investment Management Services
Lesson 4. Corporate Banking Services
Lesson 5. Investment Banking in Islamic Banks
Lesson 6. Treasury and International Banking

Module IV: Governance, Regulation, Accounting Issues in Islamic Banking
Lesson 1.  Social Responsibility and Internal Controls
Lesson 2.  Regulatory Compliance Functions
Lesson 3.  Risk Management in Islamic financial Institutions
Lesson 4.  Modern trends in Islamic Banking

Module V : Introduction to Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
Lesson 1.  Insurance and the Introduction of Takaful
Lesson 2. Takaful and Retakaful

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